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Rip off

Apple needs to refund

Verification Process

So far, I am not satisfied as I just purchased this app and I am a first time user. After I input my phone number and select verify phone number, I immediately receive a phone call asking to input the verification code?!?!?!? However, the verification code does not show PRIOR to the verification phone call so that I can input it....the verification code is shown AFTER I hang up?!?!?

Code? What Code?

No code was provided. EVER! This app is junk. I'm calling Apple!

Doesnt work

It doesn't record automatically and also when you call someone it will tell him you are recording the call...

No 6 digit code when prompted.

This app will not give you your 6 digit code on the home screen. The "Fix" in the last update just does not work.

Do Not Buy!

I recently purchased this app and I was unable to get my number verified to set this up. I kept receiving an automated call that asked for my six digit validation code and was not able to view my code until I disconnected from the call. When I called back with the code, I was told it was the incorrect code. Each time I tried this, I was sent a different code after hanging up that didn't work on the next call. I have attempted to contact the company about this for support and there is none. No customer service. Now I'm having to deal with iTunes to get a refund. Do not buy!

Quite useful

I have been using this app for several weeks now. I wish I had found it earlier but now with its help I can save all the necessary information from incoming and outgoing calls. Also it is very easy to share these recordings via SMS and Facebook.

Thanks for this

I always use this application to record business calls. For me it is very important to know literally what was the conversation about. I think it's really convenient and simple.

Good app!

Very useful app, and now I'm sure that will not miss any important information. Intuitive and simple interface, and sometimes very funny to hear my voice on the record.

Worthy app.

Very useful and simple app. It has many useful tools and works very fast. I always use it when i need to record my calls.

Highly recommended

Useful and comfortable app for saving my calls. It works good all the time when I need it and never lets me down

Good app

At work I need to save calls from customers that I can listen to when I am in the office. This app has all functionality I need, also it's very easy to configure after the launch

Do NOT purchase this app!!

I've purchased this app. It requires an activation code. A glitch in the system has not allowed me to receive my activation code. You have no access to contact customer support until AFTER your phone/app is activated. If you're victim of this glitch, you've just lost all of your money.


This app is a must-have for people like me. Finally, a way to store all the important information you can receive during a phone call. The app works really well and easy to interact with and the recording quality is great.


noooooooo I imefuatky regretted it u pay fir somthubg useless because u have to continue paying in store purchase big wast of your money please give me refund immediately no way to contact owner no instructions no way to add contacts after to allow it if u miss the first allow I hate it I tried to ask fir refund no way to contact

Can't call my contact

Not a big fan of this app downloaded paid for it and it doesn't do what I thought it was doing which is record all my phone calls incoming and out going you have to use their dialer to call in and out not a very happy camper want my money back


Ripoff. Enough said.

A good buy

This app has a lot of advantages: the cheapest international calls, user-friendly interface and unlimited recordings I can make. I work with customers on the phone and this app I need.

Worthless App

will not install save your money

Amazing app!

This app is one of the best in its category. Maybe it's expensive but it's worth buying it. You may need to record your call and 'Automatic Call Recorder' will definitely help you. Also it's easy to use so you don't have any problems with it.

That's what I need

Very useful app I usually need to record incoming calls of my costumers and this app helps me very much with that It's easy to listen the recording and send it on email It worth its salt 👍🏻

Best among others

I think it`s the best app in comparison with others. There are many useful functions, I can easily record improtant call and even share it. It also gives me an opportunity to make cheap international calls. It`s very easy to use.

So far so good

I run a business that reguires me to take on the phone a lot. My results are very poor but with this tool I am able to play back my calls to see where I can improve.

Records important calls

I really liked this update. It has added recording of the incoming calls. It became easier for me to record my calls. With each updating this application becomes better.

Really convenient

This application is very convenient for business persona or if u just need to record your talk. Its functionality is great

My favorite сall recorder

It is vital for me to record calls. This app has no limits on variety or duration of my calls. Besides i can save them in different ways. And the main is that this call recorder is really cheap. Even for international calls.

5 coins per minute w/400 coins on purchase

Wow don't I feel silly. Did my research and still feel like I got dropped. Simply wanted to record my call as my memory is failing but at 5 coins per minute each call would cost me $10 or more because I talk a lot! Booooooooo

So useful!

This app turned out to be very useful for me. I usually do not grab my phone when I'm on a morning run, but with help of this app I can still make a call if needed. Great!

An absolutely irreplaceable app for me!

It’s the best automatic call recorder among the typical ones I’ve ever used. I always use it for work to record all my calls and what’s not unimportant for making international calls which are the cheapest for me here. This app is easy-to-use with lots of auxiliary functions and absolutely irreplaceable for me.

Awful customer support

I have tried registering the app to receive activation code via SMS and unsuccessful after dozens of times tried. I have followed instructions on how to enter phone number without country code, so I've done and tried in other way too, got one email response from customer support saying that they could help but even after 2 more emails, nobody got back to me with solution. I can't even register and run the app. Wasted $4.99. ***UPDATE*** After 2 weeks still nobody reached out! ***NEW UPDATE*** 2 months after purchasing app, they released update support for iOS 10.3 and still DOES'NT work! Don't waste your money! Again, i was not able to register my cell number to activate the app!


Someone please tell me how to get s refund. Not only does this app cost $5, you then have to pay to record your calls. That's not fair. I want a full refund.

I don't give verify sms

I'm from iran and I dont give any verify message . please give back my money

No verification code

App won't send verification code to setup. Don't buy, can't use and same issue as others!!!!


Plz get me back my 5bugs its totally useless not verifying my cell number feeling 😡😡

Acr prog.

When you verify you cann t continu


Very useful app for a journalist! Helps to record a phone conversation, during important negotiations ! This recording can be streamed, in order to write the necessary information.

It's great

Recently I had the need to record unwanted calls. I downloaded and deleted several similar apps but this one meets all my requirements.


This app does what it says flawlessly. My investment hasn't been wasted. Though it still could have more features for 5 bucks.


I think it's the best app to record a call. I use it for a long time and don't have any complains. Especially I love that calls can be upload to Dropbox, it's very convenient.

Time saver.

I found this app useful because of the auto record function, this way I don't need to record my calls manually. International calls are quite cheap, it allows me to contact my partners more often.

Useful and well-organised

I was really looking for this kind of app to record my calls. Now I don`t need to care about keeping info in my head!

Very useful app

I use this app to record important calls for later revisiting. It helps to recall the necessary information and avoid misunderstanding in conflict situations. The ability to share the recordings is also very handy.

I am satisfied.

For the start it is allowed to record calls for 40 minutes and after that it should purchase minutes for recording (coins). But this call recorder really does its job and for me it is not hard to pay for it.


Once you pay to get the app, then you have to pay to record your calls. MUCH BETTER OPTIONS OUT THERE!!!


Great app that helps to conduct business. One of the advantages I want to highlight is the unlimited time of a call record and comparative cheapness. I also was pleased with the detailed instructions on how to register. It helped me a lot, thanks


Tengo horas y no paso del la verificación quiero devuelta mi dinero a mi cuenta app no lo recomiendo

Don't waste your money

It's one thing to pay for a quality app when you think it's worth the money. When you find out you have to pay for time on top of that to simply record your call to your phone is BS! Bait and switch!


Great app. It helps with work very much and it is good that I have downloaded it. I work in travel agency and it is much easier to communicate with partners. And it's cheaper than others actually. Good job, thanks.

Very useful

It's great for both pranking and recording business calls. It hides your number and records everything in the conversation. Must have tool.

Great app but pricey

The app works perfectly on my iPhone. Thought you should know that after purchasing it for 5 bucks you'll have to purchase coins to actually record calls

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